I’m a technology geek and have been my entire life. Software, hardware, you name it: if it’s new and (usually) expensive, I love it. So when I realized that learning photography was going to involve learning Adobe Lightroom CC I thought “cool, new tech” and so far I haven’t been disappointed.

Before Lightroom I would edit photos in Apple Photo or Google Photo, basically cropping and slapping on too much vignette and calling it good. Now I can mask and tweak and punish my command-Z keys for hours and hours … and slap on too much vignette and call it good.

The nice thing is that I have at least some experience with Adobe technology and understand the basics of what Lightroom allows me to change. The other nice thing, at least with respect to my need for distraction, is that there is a metric shit-ton of stuff I have no idea what it does. All the color stuff, especially curves, is a mystery to me, and it’s clear looking at Adobe’s Discover community that I have a lot to learn.

At this point I have subscribed to a few folks on YouTube, followed a bunch of people in Lightroom Discover, and spend probably too much time tweaking and revising photos. I suspect that’s how you learn the app … if you have any other suggestions I’m all ears.

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