As I learn Lightroom I am also learning that it’s pretty easy to overdo it. Case in point: I had this blown out photo of the new Singer Turbo Study car from a private showing in 2022. I played around with it for a bit and showed my son …

He literally said “that is awful, why did you make that?”

“It’s artistic and interesting,” I replied.

“No, it’s horrible. Stop doing that.”

My kid needs a lesson in communication, at least with his family, but I was reminded that photography is art and art is subjective. He didn’t connect with the edits I had made and that’s okay. I’m playing with Lightroom, taking lessons and trying different things, and the results aren’t always going to be good.

I mean, he might be right that the “after” edits are awful. My kid is impolitic but not unworldly.

I was miffed at him for a bit but I sipped my favorite bourbon and reflected on what he had communicated. His immediate and somewhat harsh response hurt my feelings, but that is going to be part of the deal I suspect. So the takeaway is that I can over-edit photos to my heart’s content … I just have to also over-thicken my skin so that I am ready for people’s reactions.

(Here’s a less over-edited version of the same car that I shared on Facebook and people seemed to like it.)

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