One of the coolest things I have learned about in Lightroom is the opportunity to “remix” other people’s work and have them remix yours. I have been taking advantage of that to see what other folks would do with my photos.

This photo of my Porsche 993 “RWB” has been remixed a handful of times and some of the results are pretty cool.

As of right this post’s publication, my image had been remixed ten times. Here are four examples:

I love the “remix” functionality in Discover because it creates both a validation of my work and also opens my eyes to how other folks interpret the original photo. Pretty cool.

The neatest thing about remix, however, is that someone took a photo that I thought I had done a pretty good job editing … and improved it massively. The version on the left is a shot of my wife taken on the Q2; the version on the left is some random person’s remix:

I was all impressed with the black-and-white rendering I had done as I felt it captured my wife pretty well and was a reasonable but impactful edit. Of course when I saw the remix I was like “oh drat, I have so much to learn” which was immediately validated by my entire family and a group of friends I shared the remix with: they loved the color version!

Honestly, so do I, so much so that I saved the edits as a preset and I give them a try on all the portrait shots I take, at least as a starting point.

Pretty cool.

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