So my wife is super tolerant of my new hobby, amazingly so really. Here is the one of the first photos I took of her in our kitchen:

It’s overexposed I think since I was playing with settings but it isn’t a bad shot. As I mentioned, I tossed a photo of her on Discover and a kind soul remixed it to this:

This, I think, is a dramatically better photo of my wife. The colors are much better and the whole image says “art” not just “shot on iPhone”, at least to me. I saved the edits from the kind soul on Discover and applied them to other shots of her:

The only changes I made to the preset was to add a little additional light using masks and by pushing the highlights and lowering the shadows a little. I feel like it made her come alive in the shot a little more.

Honey, if you see this, I think you’re beautiful.

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